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Best Android Apps by Google LLC

The finest free Android apps accomplish the job without charging you a penny. You get the same experience whether you buy one of the greatest inexpensive phones or spend a lot of money on the current flagship.With the proper app, you can turn your phone or tablet into a mobile movie theater, work station, art canvas, food manager, and much more. Unfortunately, finding the greatest Android apps can be difficult. Searching for best android apps is a bit difficult task to do. Android tablets and phones are technical marvels that entertain, enable you to work from anywhere, and keep you in touch with friends, family, and coworkers.There are a plethora of apps available for download from the Google Play Store, but which ones are worthwhile? We’ve compiled this list to assist you find useful apps, so keep reading: You might come across something you didn’t know you needed.

On the Google Play Store, there are millions of free mobile apps for Android, and we can’t seem to choose one. Finding the greatest and suitable one becomes a little perplexing. Whatever kind of powerful Android app you’re looking for, there are a lot of similar apps to choose from when it comes to picking the greatest one.Everyone loves free stuff. And there’s plenty of it on Android, with an insane number of free apps available in the Google Play store.But most of them are rubbish: a frustrating mix of non-official rip-offs, shonkily designed bedroom projects and, in the worst cases, plain old “arrgghh-this-doesn’t-even-work-at-all duds”. Google have many apps that is very useful for too many sectors in the smartphone world.

We have listed some of the best android apps that you can find and install on Android devices by Google LLC:

Android Apps by Google LLC

Google LLC is a multinational technology corporation based in the United States that specializes in Internet-related services and products such as online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, software, and hardware.
Google has been one of the most trusted platforms for everything.
Here are the best apps by Google LLC that will give you a very good value.



Google itself is a app (popularly known as search engine) where you can search for anything that comes in your mind and you will be finding the results in the quantity from hundred to millions according to the topic. You all have been using the google apps since you have known about the mobile/samrtphones. Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google on September 4, 1998, while both were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. On October 24, 2015, Sundar Pichai was named CEO of Google, succeeding Larry Page, who became the CEO of Alphabet. Pichai was named CEO of Alphabet on December 3, 2019.


google maps

Google maps is very useful applications for those who want to travel from one place to another but they hadn’t been to there before. And they don’t want extra expense. It has too many features from measuring the distance between you and your destination. Google Maps is a consumer application and web mapping platform developed by Google. Satellite imagery, aerial photos, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for walking, driving, biking, flying (in beta), and taking public transportation are all available. Google Maps was utilized by over 1 billion people each month throughout the world by 2020.


google assistant

It is one of the best useful apps by which you can search your queries with the help of your voice. You won’t be needing a very good english. The app will do it work even if you talk normally. It support various types of languages like Hindi, english, chinese and so on. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google that uses artificial intelligence and is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. The Google Assistant, unlike the company’s previous virtual assistant, Google Now, can have two-way discussions.


google chrome

It is one of the most popular browser that is available in almost all of the most use application for web surfing out there. IGoogle Chrome is a cross-platform web browser that was created by the company Google. Built with free software components from Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox, it was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows.   It was later extended to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, and is now the default browser on all of these platforms. The browser is also a key component of Chrome OS, acting as a platform for web apps.


google pay

In this virtual world, the payments is getting virtual day by day. So, google also has its own payment gateway for the virtual transactions. You can use google pay in most of the countries and you can use it to buy both digital and physical goods.Google Pay (previously Android Pay) is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google to support in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to make payments using their Android phones, tablets, or watches. An iOS smartphone can also be used in the United States and India, however with limited capability. In addition, coupons, boarding passes, campus ID cards, auto keys, event tickets, movie tickets, public transportation tickets, store cards, health records, and loyalty cards are all supported by the service.



Gmail is a Google-provided free email service. It is similar to other email services in that it allows you to send and receive emails, block spam, create an address book, and perform other basic email functions.Google-mail is a Google-provided free email service. It had 1.5 billion active users worldwide as of 2019.   Gmail is usually accessed through a web browser or with the official mobile app. Google also supports the POP and IMAP protocols for email clients.


Due to the covid, social distancing have been one of the must-do thing in 2022. So, people are using this app for the online classes. It has too many features like the attendance of the students giving them the homeworks and so on.Google Meet (previously known as Hangouts Meet) is a video-conferencing service created by Google. It’s one of two programs that take the place of Google Hangouts, with the other being Google Chat.For video, audio, and data transcoding, Google Meet uses proprietary protocols. Google, on the other hand, has worked with Pexip to promote compatibility between Google Meet and SIP/H.323-based conferencing hardware and software.


google translate

Google Translate is very good app that translates most of the languages from one language to another. It is so effective that it can even translate by hearing in your own voice and also speak loud in the voice in the return.


google lens logo

Google lens is the one of the most useful app that you can find in the play store right now. While comparing to the text searches, you can simply search anything by clicking the picture of it. You can use it to search t everything from the very small thing to very big thing.Google Translate is a multilingual neural machine translation tool developed by Google that allows users to translate text, documents, and webpages between languages. It has a website interface, an Android and iOS mobile app, and an API that developers can use to create browser extensions and software apps. Google Translate covers 109 languages at various levels as of February 2022, and as of April 2016, claimed over 500 million overall users, translating over 100 billion words every day, following the firm reported in May 2013 that it serviced over 200 million people per day.


youtube logo

Youtube is one of the most important apps made by google. It is the platform where people can search for video of anything they want to look for and want want to know about.YouTube is a Google-owned online video sharing and social media network based in the United States. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim founded it on February 14, 2005. It is the second-most-visited website in the world, immediately behind Google. YouTube has over one billion monthly users who watch over one billion hours of video each day. As of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video content were being uploaded per minute.


You can visit the google official website by cliking here.

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