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What are Best Ipad to buy in 2022?

If you’re in search of a new tablet then an iPad is the best option. Even though there are many varieties of tablets on market currently. Most of them are made cheap and the software support is also not that great. Some lack important features while others lack durable design. Ipads come in a variety of sizes, models, and suitable specifications to match different needs. Ipads work exceptionally well if you are into the Apple ecosystem. As it syncs everything across apple devices it makes it a lot easy to perform day-to-day activities.

Ipad was first introduced back in 2010 as the tablet lineup Apple. Ipad uses IOS which is cranked up to meet the higher resolution screen in iPad. later on, it was called Ipad. It also uses an App library that is similar to that of iPhones. Ipads are mainly known for their usability and productivity booster. As it is clear that Apple keeps updating and adding features to IpadOS the iPad keeps gaining value. On top of that, your Ipad is considered the best value for money device in 2022.

Below are Apple’s iPad lineups and the factors that differentiate them from each model. Along with that, some best value-for-money iPad is also mentioned.

iPad Air 4th Gen

The Ipad Air 4th gen may have been replaced by the iPad Air 5. but the iPad air 5th gen will not even come close to being the best value for money in iPad lineups. It consists of every feature you will ever need. on top of that, you can even choose between different models of iPad air 4th gen. You can either get a wifi+cellular version or a wifi-only version.


Even though it does not have a pro-motion display with up to 120Hz refresh rate its 60Hz liquid retina display is not that bad. As it is clear that Apple uses the best display among the tablet it is decent to look at. This iPad got major updates inside mostly in the chip which has been bumped up to A14 bionic and RAM up to 4GB.

  • Network: LTE / GSM / HSPA
  • Weight: 458g
  • Display: 10.9 inches liquid retina IPS LCD
  • OS: upto iPadOS 15.4.1
  • CPU: Apple A14 Bionic
  • Camera: 12 MP(Main camera), 7 MP(Front camera)
  • Battery: 10h (multimedia)

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iPad 9 Gen

iPad 9 Gen is the latest product from Apple released just 8 months ago. It is the best iPad for most people. In the iPad lineup, it is the cheapest one. But it has every feature of even pro models like center stage camera, powerful processor and so on. But on the negative side of things, it doesn’t have a laminated display which means that it has a gap between the display and the screen you touch through your fingers.


iPad 9 gen also supports Apple pencil 1 which is a major advantage for students and people who takes notes daily or need a go-to device to check emails or the classroom. But sadly the type c port is not present in this iPad and it is not a great alternative even for artists. It is arguably the best value for money iPad.

  • Network: LTE / GSM / HSPA
  • Weight: 487g
  • Display: 10.2 inches retina IPS LCD
  • OS: upto iPadOS 15.4.1
  • CPU: Apple A13 Bionic
  • Camera: 8 MP(Main camera), 12 MP(Front camera)
  • Battery: 10h (multimedia)

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iPad pro (2018)

This iPad is one of the products from Apple that has aged the least since its release in 2018. The A12X chip is ridiculously fast and along with the 120Hz promotion display, this device is a total beast. It has a relatively modern design than that of the older version. Like the current-gen of iPad, it excludes the home button but it has a face lock. On top of that, it also supports Apple pencil gen 2.


As its display is laminated which means there is no gap between the display and the screen you touch with your fingers. It can be of great help to those who especially use their iPads for drawing purposes or note writing purposes. It is still slow compared to the modern iPad with an M1 chip inside but if you are a simple user you will not notice a thing. In simple words, this iPad can be considered the GTX 1080ti of the tablet world.

  • Network: LTE / GSM / HSPA / CDMA / EVDO
  • Weight: 631g
  • Display: 12.9 inches retina IPS LCD
  • OS: upto iPadOS 15.4.1
  • CPU: Apple A12X Bionic
  • Camera: 12 MP (Main camera), 7 MP (Front camera)
  • Battery: 9800 mAh

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iPad Mini (2021)

This iPad is the best portable device. It may look small and portable but the performance it has to offer is pretty huge. It’s like an oversized iPhone. This device for once feels like a unique one rather than one that, if you removed the logo it would get lost in the lineup of small tablets from many other manufacturers. This iPad maintains modern aesthetics along with a universal type c port, fast charging capability, and a top-notch processor. It also has 2 stereo speakers with great audio quality. Even the camera of this device is much more significant than ever before.


In this price range if you need a small and portable tablet this is the one you should buy. The build quality is significant as expected from Apple and along with that, you have many choices to go with like one with cellular and wifi or wifi only model.

  • Network: LTE / GSM / HSPA / 5G
  • Weight: 293g
  • Display: 8.3 Liquid inches retina IPS LCD
  • OS: upto iPadOS 15.4.1
  • CPU: Apple A15 Bionic
  • Camera: 12 MP (Main camera), 12 MP (Front camera)
  • Battery: 10h(multimedia)

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