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Detailed Review of Poco X3 Pro – Should you buy it in 2022?

You might be purchasing the poco x3 pro as your primary smartphone. That is why, you are here and looking for an honest review of poco x3 pro.

First, let’s talk about the phone manufacturing company itself. POCO is the sub-brand of xiaomi (popularly known as “MI”). Poco have been rolling out the phones that have highest specification in terms of performance. First, poco phone that changed the market was POCO F1, which was powered with “Snapdragon 845”, which was the best processor out there in the market at that time. Many of us have heard that the Poco X3 Pro is the successor of Poco F1 because poco f1 killed the market in every aspect at the time when it was launched. In the same way, Poco X3 pro came with the market with very impressive specifications.

We are not going to look at the specifications of the phones, as all of you already know about it. In short, it comes with the Snapdragon 865 and UFS 3.1 storage and you can buy the phone in three different storage variants, first comes with 6/128 GB, and second comes with 8/128 GB and the third one with 8/256 GB. It comes with three color variant Blue, Black and Gold with the primary camera of 48MP.

Poco X3 Pro – The Performance Champ

There will be no debate on the point that the poco x3 pro is the performance champ at its price range. None of the smartphones in the market is providing you this level of performance and the chip used in the phone. The storage type of this phone is UFS 3.1, which you will find only in the high end flagship smartphones. Installing the applications is too much fast in the phone. Every kind of application takes much as 10 second to install in this device.

The read and write speed of the storage is also very impressive as UFS 3.1 is embedded in the phone itself. It has very smooth 120Hz refresh rate display that gives you very smooth experience while using the phone. You won’t be having any types of complain for this smartphone. It has a battery capacity of 5160mAh. You will not run out of the battery juice if you are using this smartphone. The phone will easily give you the battery for one hour with the normal use.

As I have been using phone for more than 9 months, we will be discussing why should you take the phone and why should you avoid the phone with my experience with this phone.

Why should you buy Poco X3 Pro?

There are too many reasons that you should buy Poco X3 Pro. You might be looking for that will give you best performance at your desired price range or you are looking for a gaming phone under this price segment. To understand more easily, we have sorted down the list why you should buy poco x3 pro:

Why should you buy Poco X3 Pro?

  • It gives the Snapdragon 865. In this price segment , none of the phone have gave this much powerful processor
  • It has UFS 3.1 storage, which you will only find in premium flagship phones.
  • It gives you the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, which will give you super smooth experience while scrolling through the UI and even with playing games.
  • Has big battery with 33W fast charging.
  • I has descent software (based on MIUI 12) and features.
  • It has separate gaming space for gamers.
  • It has very aggressive price to its competitors.

Why should you avoid Poco X3 Pro ?

  • It doesn’t have AMOLED screen.
  • It has average cameras  that is a bit unjustifiable as per the price.
  • The phone weight is more than average. So, it will be difficult to use for the first time.
  • Its MIUI 12 software optimization is not that great.
  • It doesn’t support 5G.


To conclude being honest, if you’re considering purchasing the Poco X3 Pro, it’s most likely because of its performance. The Snapdragon 860, which uses a 7nm technology, is nearly identical to the Snapdragon 855+ from 2019, but at around 350 dollars, it’s a great offer that should keep the competition on their toes  for a long time.

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