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Top Five Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are apps that may be installed in Chrome to modify how the browser works. This might include adding new capabilities to Chrome or changing the program’s existing behavior to make it more user-friendly.

Chrome is a fabulous browser – fast, well designed and packed with essential features – but that’s just the start. Chrome’s real strength is in the huge library of add-ons that give it endless new functions and abilities.

As you can see, extensions provide a wide range of additional functionality to help you do activities more quickly or gain more from the websites you visit.

Unfortunately, although the majority of Chrome extensions are good, some developers produce extensions that alter Chrome’s functionality in a harmful way. Adware makers, for example, can install Chrome extensions without your permission that inject adverts on web sites you’re reading, change your search provider to a site they control, modify your new tab page, or steal your home page.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of a malicious plugin named Search- New Tab that injects adverts. It goes without saying that you should always remove malicious Google Chrome extensions when you encounter them.

In fact, the Chrome Web Store is packed with so many extensions that it’s hard to know which will really make a difference to your everyday browsing.

If you’re in high school or college, you’ll be looking for the finest strategies to help you focus better, create flawless essays, get through your assigned reading list faster, and study more effectively.

If you use Google Chrome, you can utilize Google Chrome extensions to make your student life simpler – and, ideally, to improve your midterm marks.
So, which Google Chrome extensions are the greatest for college students?
Which Chrome addons are the best for elementary students?
Which Chrome addons are the best for graduate students?

The greatest Google Chrome extensions may enhance your use of the world’s most popular web browser. After all, Chrome already has a fast speed, a clean UI, and simple mobile device synchronization. However, good extensions might provide much more benefits.

So, which extensions should you install on your Chrome browser? To help you filter through all of your options, we’ve compiled a list of the top Chrome extensions to test right now. Extensions that can make even the finest Chromebooks even better. Just keep in mind that extensions might cause your browser to slow down, so only install what you believe would be most beneficial. Some extensions are unethical or even harmful, but Chrome has included additional constraints for extension developers that should help alleviate this issue.

Chrome is a great browser on its own – it’s quick, light, and doesn’t obstruct your view of the stuff you’re interested in. But it’s when you add Chrome extensions and apps to your customized installation that Chrome becomes truly distinctive, and potentially even powerful. On the Chrome Web Store, there are tens of thousands of apps to pick from, the most of which are free (despite the name). Some of the Web Store’s apps will be recognizable to those found in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Others, on the other hand, are exclusive to Chrome. Chrome for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS-based devices like a Chromebook laptop may all use these extensions.



Keep your passwords in one place and log into accounts automatically

It’s no secret that using secure passwords everywhere is a vital part of staying safe online, but when something like gLR6@z!kklEc is so difficult to remember, it’s tempting to use 123456 everywhere instead.

LastPass solves the problem by creating a different strong password for every site, storing it locally in an encrypted vault, and automatically filling web forms and logins as required. You just need to remember a single master password, and LastPass takes care of almost everything else on its own.

Unlike some password managers, there’s no need to add all your usernames and passwords to a database before you can use it (unless you want to). Just install the extension, and whenever you log into an online account, it will ask whether to save it. It’s wonderfully convenient.

 Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Clip web pages, chunks of text or bookmarks and read them later

If you’re researching a project, or just find yourself getting distracted by interesting articles while you’re trying to work, Evernote Web Clipper is fantastic.

When you find something you want to read, click the elephant icon and Evernote will let you save the entire article, a simplified version of it (with no pictures or formatting), an entire page, a screenshot, or just a bookmark.

You can choose which notebook it should be clipped to, and add tags and notes if you like, though this is optional. If you’re in a hurry, you can clip something with just two clicks. By default, Evernote Web Clipper selects your last used settings when saving a new clip.

Evernote Web Clipper also integrates into the context menu, letting you clip a page, screenshot or bookmark by right-clicking a page, and there are customizable keyboard shortcuts too.

When you have some time on your hands, log into your account on or using the web app and everything you’ve clipped will be there, ready to read.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket (previously Read it Later) is similar to Evernote Web Clipper in that it allows you to save intriguing bits and pieces while surfing.
Store to Pocket allows you to save web pages, links, photos, files, and other items to a central list, which is subsequently synced across all of your devices.
It’s a fantastic approach for conducting online research. Adding sites or links on your phone, tablet, or desktop makes them instantly available for viewing on any of your other devices.

When you save something to Pocket, the extension recommends other items that you might be interested in. If that isn’t enough, users in the United States can utilize the Pocket New Tab extension to view hot Pocket topics.



In the status bar of your browser, you may get a completely customisable global clock.

FoxClocks is a superb execution of a basic concept. It displays the current time in several countries at the bottom of your browser, saving you the time and effort of searching for the same information on Google. That is all there is to it.

FoxClocks takes daylight saving time into account, so you can be sure you won’t be late for a crucial meeting or deadline by an hour, and you may see the time in whatever format you like.

To add a timezone or a city to Chrome’s status bar, select one or search for one. If it appears to be too busy, you may also access locations by clicking the button next to your browser’s address bar.

The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender

To free up RAM and improve efficiency, suspend tabs that aren’t in use.

Chrome is a notorious memory eater, and having many tabs open can bring even the most powerful PCs to a halt. The Great Suspender solves the problem by suspending tabs that aren’t being used right now.

It’s also practical: you can whitelist particular sites and URLs that you don’t want to be suspended (like your email provider), and tabs that are presently playing media or showing forms aren’t stopped, ensuring that you don’t lose any data you’ve submitted.


This extension might be a game-changer if you don’t want to ditch Chrome but are tired of its RAM-hogging habits.



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