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Fun ways to build coding skills: by playing games in 2023

Learning and advancing in the field of programming can be intimidating, but games with exciting challenges can make it interesting and educational. For programming enthusiasts, the many games designed abound for building programming skills might be relaxing  practice areas. A kid, beginner and an adult can rely on games to develop their programming skills without feeling it’s a chore. 

Please note that while the games are an excellent way to practice your skills, they will not be sufficient to allow you to master your knowledge and skills on the subject. The following is a list of  such amusing games:

  1. CSS Diner:
CSS Diner

CSS Diner is a gaming site for learning CSS selectors for beginning front-end developers. This simple but fun site has 32 levels of CSS classes and ids, with each level increasing in complexity as you win on it.  This is a great way to master CSS Pseudo-selectors, First of Type Selector, Last of Type Selector, and the Universal Selector.

  1. CodeMonkey:

CodeMonkey is a great place to start for kids and adult beginners to learn how to build their own games in HTML5. It’s based on CoffeeScript- a true open-source programming language compiled to JavaScript. This game helps you understand the working mechanism of JS and HTML5, and it is designed for Android and IOS apps. 

  1. CodinGame:

CodinGame supports 25 different languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby, JS, etc., so beginners can feel at ease. The levels equipped for designed thinking and problem solving skills in CodinGame can be played with your friends or colleagues, and it also allows you to take part in international competitions. One of the best things is that you can build your profile on this site, and it can be opt for the companies to see, as you can also be equipped with coding tips and tricks, and algorithms courses. 

  1. CodeWars:

CodeWars is a community of enthusiasts in the field of programming. With over 55 different languages ​​to choose from, you should take the test in the language you want to practice. It’s an incredible community to dive into learning coding as you perform challenges with others.  This is a great starting point for coders to learn a language with somebody else- friend, colleague or anyone on the internet. 

  1. Untrusted: 

Untrusted is an interesting site to hone your problem solving skills with JavaScript. Help guide Dr. Eval through a series of levels by solving JavaScript challenges. There are different levels of difficulty and it’s a great place to practice complex JS skills. 

  1. SQL Murder Mystery:
SQL murder mystery

It helps you to build your problem solving skills in SQL as you track down a murderer in a mysterious case with SQL queries. SQL Murder Mystery is designed for both experts and beginners in SQL as both have their respective guidelines. Sherlock Holmes would have aced this game!

  1. Robocode:

Robocode makes your and your competitors’ robot tanks  compete with each other as you work on your codes. This site uses AI based technology and its relatable languages like Java, C#, .NET, Scala, etc.. It focuses on the control of virtual machines- robots battle tanks. 

  1. Ruby Warrior:
Ruby Warrior

Ruby is an emerging programming language in the technology industry. Ruby warrior offers games that can enhance your skills and growth in programming and artificial intelligence, specifically on Ruby. There are variations of lessons for beginners and intermediate programmers. 

  1. Elevator Saga:

This is by far one of the most interesting and nerve-wracking gaming sites for learning to code. It is based on JavaScript, which challenges you to transport people and move an elevator in the most efficient way possible. The first batch of the people you need to transfer is 15, in less than a minute, with the challenge getting more difficult progressively. 

  1. Scratch: 

Scratch is an MIT based programming language that is also used during the first week of Harvard’s CS50: Introduction to Computer Science course. It is a handful way to learn the basics of a computer programming language such as conditions, loops, events, and create cheerful projects for beginners. It is available for Kids as well as Scratch Jr. 



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